Did ya know?

Did ya know that 25% of all websites are built with WordPress?  Wow! Sam is going to grow up knowing this stuff by heart!

Summer and Sam, baby 1 year  old

Sum and Sam

He can already turn on the laptop and find the monster trucks by himself.

Sam with Ben in bicycle helmet

Sam and Ben

A while ago… when Sam was 2 years old, he was jumping on the couch when Mama said,”Stop that! You’ll break your head!” Sam immediately stopped and ran out of the room… then ran back in wearing his big, brother Ben’s helmet. He’s a little thinker, but not much of a talker yet.

Big brother Ben is now in second grade and HE’S a good student, but an amazing runner. Last year he won the Turkey Trot running laps inside the school! …or, was that the year before last? Grandmama’s getting along in years …

Dark clock with night light hands

Times a wastin'

When your ancestors are calling… you have to do something.



  1. With recent scientific research that says exposing children under the age of 4 or 5 to television and computers stunts their brains (who would have thunk it?), When he’s ready to rock the world with technology, I’m sure it is all going to be easier to use and more fun. I’m sure he will have some amazing stories to tell to his children and grandchildren! Good work! Keep it up!

  2. Precious time with precious people – Enjoy every second of it 🙂 – gm –

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